Quickly capture your ideas

Never forget your ideas again! With Pendar you can quickly capture and organise the ideas that pop up in your head. Use the voice recorder to transcribe your thoughts and send them to your favourite to-do app or any other collection app.

(so you can stop emailing yourself)

Workflows (coming soon)

Set up workflows that allow you to easily send them to the appropriate location to continue with the idea. Be it a to-do app or an issue logging tool. With one click you can send your ideas through!

On the go

Pendar makes it really easy to quickly capture any ideas you get anytime anywhere.

Voice transcription

Use the voice recorder to quickly capture your ideas. Pendar will live transcribe it while you speak!

On the go

Whether you are on a run, on your bike or in your car, ideas can come up anytime, anywhere. Pendar lets you quickly capture your ideas through voice, text or photos and save them.

Watch app

Pendar is also available for your Apple Watch, given you an even quicker way to capture your ideas!

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Pendar is now available in the App Store!

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